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Some days when you see the state of your car, you know it needs to be cleaned, but you just want to walk away and leave it for another day. Does it look like you took it splashing through the mud and the muck?  Every day, outside influences pile themselves upon our vehicles and begin the destruction process. As you are driving, insects gather upon the outside of your car, like they were invited to the hottest party of the year! These insects emit an acid that will eat through the paint and clear coat of your vehicle’s exterior. Once this happens, small micro-scratches and microscopic holes can form.  Those scratches and holes allow rust to form. Nothing is more annoying than rust forming. Rust leads to additional damages. With additional damages come additional costs. That’s more money out of your wallet!  You worked hard to put that money in your wallet, and here comes along rust, saying “no saving today.” Beyond the unsightly look of rust, rust spots can spread. Once a rust spot starts, it will spread like chicken pox at a family gathering in the early 1980s. Rust spots are a lot like that famous potato chip, and you can’t have just one! Rust spots may show up alone; however, they quickly become the new life of your vehicle. Once one starts, it’s like it realizes how much fun it is destroying the outside of your vehicle, that it calls up its buddies saying, “Hey, man. Come join me. We’re over here having an epic party on this vehicle. Lots of metal to chew up and destroy. Bring some friends”.  And guess what? Before you know it, your once beautiful vehicle now looks like a heap of junk that could fall apart at any time. It may sound like it too. The damages caused by rust spreading are not always seen at first glance. Hidden damages and dangers can ultimately leave you stranded on the side of the road. If the rust spreads to the suspension of your vehicle, the ride may not be as smooth. If the rust spreads to the engine compartment, certain parts that are normally well lubricated could now be dry as a bone and face the risk of complete failure.

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Before that happens, call us for your exterior car detailing in Albuquerque, NM needs. We can come to you! Our exterior detailing package starts with full cleaning of your vehicle’s outside and a microfiber hand dry. It also includes a cleaning of the door jams, windows inside and out, and tires. After the tires are clean, we degrease them and apply tire dressing to help protect your tires from wear and tear from the strenuous activities we inflict on our vehicles.  Our team of Albuquerque car detailing experts will carefully cleanse the exterior of your vehicle, removing a majority of risks for exterior damages. Our vehicles go through enough in their everyday life. Help your vehicle keep its youthful glow and retain a higher-than-average resale value. When you are looking for mobile car detail shops in Albuquerque, look no further than us!

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